Azamara evolves AzAmazing experiences

AzAmazing Days and wider Destination Celebrations to complement Azamara Evenings

Azamara is expanding its signature cultural immersive AzAmazing Evenings to a new level, launching AzAmazing Celebrations to the daytime and onboard.

AzAmazing Celebrations combine the signature AzAmazing Evenings that focus on historic venues that provide access to art, music, and dance; AzAmazing Days, a new shoreside event where guests can uncover the hidden gems each unique port has to offer by day through local musicians, food and wine, and entertainment; and Destination Celebrations, events that bring the traditions and heritage of the destination to life onboard through live cultural performances and local cuisine.

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“Our award-winning Destination Immersion programming is what makes us Azamara, which is why we are constantly seeking new and enhanced ways to deliver authentic travel moments to our guests, while immersing them in the local culture, food, and people of each destination,” said Carol Cabezas, President of Azamara.

“As we continue to grow and expand, we are pleased to share more intimate experiences for our guests through our expanded and expertly curated AzAmazing programming that makes our voyages truly unforgettable.”

Exclusive to Azamara and offered complimentary on most sailings of seven nights or longer, AzAmazing Celebrations are unique to each location and feature local, authentic talent and performances, which are often hosted in historic venues, including Ephesus in Kusadasi, Turkey, and St. George’s Hall in Liverpool, England.

In 2023, travellers will be able to dive even deeper into local life as guests walk, talk, and eat alongside locals, discovering the path less traveled and uncovering what each destination means to its inhabitants through AzAmazing Day events. These enhanced experiences can also be enjoyed onboard through Destination Celebrations, bringing the ship to life with the local people and culture, ensuring the destination immersion experience never stops. This special programming brings each destination to life, both onboard and off, in a way travelers can only experience with Azamara.

Highlights of Azamara’s New 2023 AzAmazing Celebrations include:

  • Nights in Arabia – Aqaba, Jordan

Guests can immerse their senses in the Jordanian heritage and culture under a star-studded evening on the lawns of the luxurious Ayla Golf Resort, as the Professional Hail Group dancers perform the dances of Arabia, accompanied by a trio of musicians in celebration of life.

  • Day of Dancing in Mahon – Mahon, Mallorca, Spain

Guests can kick off this AzAmazing Day by enjoying a welcome cocktail while being greeted by lively Menorcan dancers in traditional dresses. After a tour of the historic fortress La Mola, guests will enjoy live music and a sampling of local delicacies before ending the visit with a captivating Equestrian show.

  • African Inspired Evening at the Station – Durban, South Africa

Travellers can explore the culture of South Africa’s largest ethnic group, the South African Zulu Tribe, during a riveting performance in the Station Auditorium that includes singing, dancing, storytelling and rhythmic movements. Delicious canapés and drinks can be enjoyed while stilt walkers welcome guests to the beat of the African drum.

  • Day in Cinque Terre – Portovenere, Italy

Portovenere comes to life on this AzAmazing Day with a buffet featuring local favourites and live musical entertainment that guests will find throughout their exploration of this charming destination. Travellers can wander the picturesque village to discover boutique shops along the main street, the famous Church of San Pietro atop a rocky headland and coastal views.

An opera singer performs on Portovenere's Piazza Spallanzani with Azamara Onward in the distance
  • An Evening at the Adelaide Oval – Adelaide, Australia

The historical Adelaide Oval will host guests for an exclusive, five-star event with welcome drinks and entertainment by students from James Morrison’s Academy of music school, followed by a performance from the celebrated James Morrison and his jazz ensemble band, with the wonderful Adelaide Cathedral as a backdrop.

  • Carnaval de Barranquilla – Cartagena, Colombia

As one of the largest carnival celebrations in the world and Colombia’s most significant folkloric event, Carnaval de Barranquilla welcomes Azamara guests to immerse in the excitement and spirit of the celebration in Cartagena’s famed Teatro with performances from the Caribbean’s top performers who exemplify the folklore of Colombia and the spirit of Carnival.

In addition to the expansion of AzAmazing Celebrations, Azamara will also take the celebrations onboard throughout the four sister ships for the remaining of the year. Including, a pilot event for their Loyalty Members sailing on Azamara Onward where guests will be able to participate in a reimagined Loyalty Happy Hour. During this new event, loyalty guests will be treated to an array of destination-inspired appetisers and wine, creating a memorable experience for all who attend. The Loyalty Happy Hour is a unique opportunity for Azamara’s loyal guests to mix and celebrate their love of travel with other travellers and our senior officers.


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