Everything you need to know about booking a hotel in Austria

A curated list from the Austrian National Tourist Office


Finding accommodations in your clients’ travel destination can sometimes feel a little daunting, especially when you haven’t been to the place yourself. Austria may be a country small in size but it definitely does not lack in natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and a long tradition in excellent hospitality.

Austrian National Tourist Office has put together this list of things to know before you book, so you’ll know exactly what to expect:

1. Hospitality has a longstanding tradition in Austria and many hotels are still family-owned. Often, you’ll find that a property has been in the family for decades and for them, hospitality is more than just a job – it’s a passion. Guests can expect a level of care and attention to detail that is rare in today’s fast-paced world. With their warm and welcoming atmosphere, rich history, and commitment to personalized service, these properties offer a true home away from home for travellers.

Hotel Schloss Duernstein © Hotel Schloss Duernstein GmbH

2. Austria has long been recognised as a leader in sustainable tourism efforts, starting with efficient train and bus routes into the most remote valleys. Hoteliers pride themselves in their efforts to offer a wide choice of environmentally friendly and sustainably built and managed accommodations with every aspect of the hotel’s design being as sustainable as possible and with the guests’ wellbeing as the central philosophy.

Outdoor spa area at Aqua Dome ©Aqua Dome

3. Worth a special mention is Austria’s cuisine: Regional and excellent quality produce and products are at the heart of Austrian cuisine. With 13 percent of cultivated land and 10 percent of its farms organic, Austria is an international organic champion – and it benefits locals and guests alike.

Hotel Andaz Viennam Lobby ©Andaz Vienna Am Belvedere

4. Talking about the culinary aspect of your hotel stay: there are exceptions but usually the room price will also include breakfast, typically in the form of a lavish breakfast buffet. Especially in resorts, hotels offer two different booking options: ‘Vollpension‘ means, in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel’s restaurant are included; ‘Halbpension‘ means dinner is included. Of course, you can also opt for breakfast only, and explore all other culinary options available in the region you are visiting.

Das Central, Hotel Solden ©Rudi Wyhlidal

5. It goes without saying that everyone in Austria’s hospitality industry speaks English fluently, even in the farthest Alpine regions. So you’ll not be lost in translation even when you are exploring the remotest valleys and climbing every mountain. We also want to point out that taxes and service fees are included in all room / package prices (tip is not).

The Amauris Vienna, Lobby © The Amauris Vienna / Stefan Gergely

Austria Hotel Collection 2023

A curated list of hotels located in Austria’s most beautiful and exciting regions makes deciding on where to stay in Austria a breeze. Choose from stylish design hotels and rustic Alpine chalets: each option has its unique characteristics combined with a distinctive Austrian touch and sophistication.

Get to know the members of the Austria Hotel Collection:

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