Oceania Cruises celebrates Virtuoso partnership

Frank A Del Rio says alliance is "only getting started" 19 years in the making

Oceania Cruises recognised its global trade partnership with the Virtuoso luxury travel network aboard its new hardware, the luxurious Vista this week while sailing off the coast of Italy.

The upper-premium cruise line hosted dozens of travel advisors and partners onboard the christening cruise at the Horizon Lounge, hosted by Nikki F Upshaw, SVP Sales, and attended by special guest, Frank A Del Rio, President of Oceania Cruises, who made an appearance and shared a few words to celebrate the association with the consortia.

Spencer Travel's Maria Theodosatos and Lucy Vieira with Martine Nunes, Oceania Cruises (centre).

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Del Rio said he was long aware of the close ties between his father, Frank Del Rio, and Virtuoso Chairman Matthew Upchurch, and how they would often bounce ideas off each other during the pandemic to remain relevant with the consumer.

“From a very early age, growing up in this business, I always knew that Virtuoso was very special to us,” Frank A Del Rio said.

“I love the fact that you guys also have your own family and that together we’ve built this great partnership over the last 19 years.”

Roy and Karen Merricks, MTA - Mobile Travel Agents
From left: Michael Londregan, Virtuoso; Paulette Cherny, Travelcall; Kathy Pavlidis, Travel Associates; Ryan McPherson, Oceania Cruises; Danielle Galloway, FCTG; Alison Lord, Travel Associates; Rachel Kingswell, Travel Associates; Robyn Sinfield, Home Travel Company; David Brandon, Savenio; Murray Sinfield, Home Travel Company; Roy Merricks, MTA - Mobile Travel Agents; James Sitters, Oceania Cruises; Karen Merricks, MTA - Mobile Travel Agents; Mandy Dwyer, Main Beach Travel; Jason Worth, Oceania Cruises and Mike Dwyer, Main Beach Travel.

Del Rio, during his speech at the christening celebration of Vista in Valletta, Malta the night prior, remarked that with the new ship and introduction of Allura in 2025, “we’re only just getting started.” That comment was repeated at the Virtuoso cocktail party.

“I mentioned yesterday that we are just getting started and I really do feel that this partnership…we’re just getting started and we do have a lot of amazing things ahead of us and some great opportunities.

“The fact that you guys are so focused on luxury is just a great pairing,” Del Rio said.

“We appreciate every single one of you. We appreciate the partnership and we look forward to many many good things in the years to come.”

David Brandon, Savenio

Lead image: Michael Londregan, Senior VP Operations, Virtuoso; Frank A Del Rio, President, Oceania Cruises; Melissa Araya, Vice President Cruise, Virtuoso and Dasha Toalepaialii, Account Manager/Partner Relations; Virtuoso UK.

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