Eat, Sleep, Repeat: Europe’s unmissable hotel restaurants 

Guest post: Words by Vanessa Hollidge

Hotel restaurants are sometimes an afterthought when booking your travel, however when Europe’s destination hotels attract some of the world’s best chefs it’s well worth considering to add an unbeatable experience to your trip.

With bookings flying in from in-house guests, culinary tourists and local gourmands, it’s always recommended to make dining reservations well in advance at top hotel restaurants – ideally when booking your stay. So without further delay, here are some of the best places to ‘eat, sleep, repeat’ in Europe this summer.

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1. La Passagere (One MICHELIN Star), at The Hotel Belles Rives, Antibes Juan-les-Pins, French Riviera

Starting our degustation adventure in the French Riviera at The Hotel Belles Rives the first stop has to be La Passagere. On a side note, the mansion is famously Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald’s heady romantic destination of choice, and the inspiration for The Great Gatsby and its parties of extravagance.

Michelin star chef Aurélien Véquaud’s menu showcases elegant Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on local seafood, and perfectly matches the beauty of the restaurants’ surroundings. When dining, don’t forget to leave room for the restaurant’s signature dessert, a ‘pearl in blown sugar shell’ by pastry chef Steve Moracchini.

Hotel: The Hotel Belles Rives, Antibes Juan-les-Pins, French Riviera (5*)
Restaurant: La Passagere
Chef: Aurélien Véquaud

2. Le Gabriel (Two Michelin Stars), at La Reserve Paris, Paris

The sumptuous Michel Reybier-run La Reserve Hotel and Spa is also home to talented French chef Jérôme Banctel’s Two Michelin Star restaurant, Le Gabriel. Located in a private urban mansion on Paris’s famous Champs-Elysées, the elegant restaurant serves contemporary French cuisine with some Japanese influences, with options for three, seven- or nine-courses available.

Make sure to take in the intimate dining room – by visionary interior designer Jacques Garcia – as it’s a perfect example of the eponymous Napoleon III Style, a highly eclectic and classic combination of the characteristics of French Renaissance, Palladian architecture and French Baroque designs.

Hotel: La Reserve Paris, Paris (5*)
Restaurant: Le Gabriel
Chef: Jérôme Banctel

3. La Libreria. Borgo Santandrea, Amalfi Coast

The embodiment of ‘la bella vita’, Borgo Santandrea was the Amalfi Coast’s most celebrated hotel opening of the last decade with a restaurant to match. With Michelin Star credentials, chef Crescenzo Scotti serves up Southern-Italian cuisine transformed into ‘edible works of art’ – as described by Vanity Fair (May 23, 2022).

And the beauty isn’t limited to what arrives on your plate. La Librerias’ arched floor-to-ceiling windows boast uninterrupted views of the Ligurian sea, hand-painted Gio Ponti tiles in varying
shades of blue create striking geometric patterns underfoot, and a considered curation of furniture, ceramics and artwork feature throughout. It is the epitome of 50s and 60s Italian style and glamour, brought to life with authentic pieces from the iconic designers of the era.

Hotel: Borgo Santandrea, Amalfi Coast (5*)
Restaurant: La Libreria
Chef: Crescenzo Scotti

4. Blue Door, at Blue Palace (a Luxury Collection resort), Crete

The largest of the Greek islands is also the richest when it comes to cultural and culinary experiences. At Blue Palace’s Blue Door, an old stone house once home to a local fisherman has been lovingly restored as a traditional Greek taverna serving catches of the day and secret family- recipes.

Every Friday from June to September, they will be hosting a traditional ‘Cretan Feast’, with large bonfires lit on the resorts’ private beach to cook the famous “antikristo” lamb – sprinkled in sea salt and slowly cooked for five hours above the fire. This will be served with authentic local delicacies and accompanied by festivities and the distinct tunes of Cretan lyra.

Hotel: Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection resort, Crete (5*)
Restaurant: Blue Door
Chef: Blue Palace’s Executive Chef is Giannis Kallivretakis

5. Lure, at Mystique (a Luxury Collection hotel), Santorini

Lure is a modern oasis in one of Santorinis most luxurious hotels. You’ll come for the view – with the restaurant boasting panoramic views considered the best in Santorini – but you’ll stay for the food. Helmed by renowned French chef Olivier Campanha, who has led many Michelin-starred restaurants, Lure’s menu shares all that is fresh, seasonal and delicious.

A celebration of the island’s rich epicurean heritage, Campanha combines local tradition and French techniques in the kitchen. Great consideration is also given to the wine pairings, which come highly recommended.

Hotel: Mystique, a Luxury Collection hotel, Santorini (5*)
Restaurant: Lure
Chef: Olivier Campanha

6. Pavilion – Relais & Châteaux, at Myconian Utopia, Mykonos

As a Myconian family, cuisine and service lie at the very heart of Myconian Collection hospitality. The Pavilion Relais & Châteaux restaurant sets the standard for culinary excellence on Mykonos, and overlooking the stunning Elia beach delivers a menu and atmosphere to match the view.

Executive chef Nikos Moroglou describes his food as creative, pure, and authentically Greek, and though he personally favours fish, his current recommendation is a serve of his lamb chops with smoked aubergine puree, accompanied by a baby potato salad, fresh onions, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, spearmint and a demi-glace sauce.

Hotel: Myconian Utopia, Mykonos
Restaurant: Pavilion Relais & Châteaux
Chef: Nikos Moroglou

Vanessa Hollidge is a leading Melbourne-based restaurant publicist and General Manager of Reymond Communications. She was a guest of hotels and restaurants represented in Australia and New Zealand by La Collection and Lea Seguier.

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