Lindblad Expeditions renews commitment to sustainability

New incentive for travel advisors to win an 'Expedition Big 5' itinerary

Antarctica, Bellingshausen Sea

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic held a breakfast on Tuesday 11 July to promote its 2024 itineraries and renewed investment in sustainability. Hosted by John Delaney, Senior VP of Sales, the keynote speaker was Lesa Bain, VP of Sales, North America, with an introduction by Melissa Malu, Manager of Pasifika Collections and Engagement at the Australian Museum. The presentation walked media, advisors and other stakeholders through Lindblad Expeditions’ new destinations, conservation efforts and commitment to sustainability.

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New itineraries

Currently represented in Australia by Adventure World, the 2024 Lindblad Expedition destinations aim to realign consumers’ preconceived notions of expedition cruising with today’s offering. “There seems to be this kind of misconception over the last few years that everywhere that expedition goes is cold and white and has penguins or polar bears,” said Bain. “From the very beginning, it’s not just about that for us. It’s about cultures and people – even down to the music – it’s all seven continents, from where the water touches the land, we have the opportunity to educate, change and protect. And so I think it’s very important as we look at expedition that we understand it’s much broader than just Antarctica or the Arctic regions.”

Astrid Maier, Creative Cruising; Cameron McDonell, Industry Key Account Manager, NSW, QLD, ACT, NZ - Lindblad Expeditions; Caitlyn Paris, Creative Cruising; Imogen Brown and Belle Goldie, itravel Penrith; Viktoryia Shliazkhko, Creative Cruisingand and Andrew Eddy – Head of Sales, Lindblad Expeditions.

Lindblad’s new expeditions include North, Central and South Americas, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, New Zealand and Australia, in addition to the Poles. The new itineraries are designed to capture the spirit of expedition – that is, understanding nature and the environment through meaningful engagement – and include immersive programs for photographers, young explorers, undersea enthusiasts, itineraries dedicated to children and teens, and personal interactions with National Geographic experts who join select voyages.

“You get to be with our captains and our teams to see what it’s like to traverse these oceans, to stand alongside them while you sail across the Drake Passage, to understand what it takes to responsibly explore these regions,” said Bain. “These men and women are working with our expedition teams daily, usually late into the night and early hours, to make sure we get the best opportunities to get out and explore.”

Galapagos, Ecuador

Sustainability and conservation

Founded in 1979, with the National Geographic partnership in place since 2004, Lindblad Expeditions has long been a champion for sustainability and conservation. Since its establishment in 2008, the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund has awarded 243 grants of more than AU$17.9 million, across 52 countries, to support work across core pillars of conservation, education, research, storytelling and technology. Furthermore, the company hosts an online resource portal, Expedition 360, which was recently revamped — as flagged by LATTE in March — and provides information to both travel advisors and consumers on sustainability, and what it means in the context of travel.

“We are a company that is 100% carbon neutral. We have no single-use consumer plastics on our ship. We focus on sustainable cuisine. We have started a farm-to-ship program so we’re not bringing in food. We’re financially supporting local farmers,” said Bain.

“We then talk about our community and culture, because it’s not just about wildlife, it’s the people. How do we support the people and the cultures? How do we tell their stories?”

“It’s about being able to ensure that the next generation understands how important a culture is and for our guests to understand it and learn it, as well. We have our artisan project where we support local artisans. Those are sold on board our ships and in our global galleries, and 5% of the funds from that go straight back into supporting other artisans to ensure people understand the skills that are out there,” said Bain.

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic launches incentive program

To promote the new itineraries the company is running an incentive scheme. For every Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic voyage that travel advisors sell, they will provide them with a chance to win an expedition to view one of the remarkable ‘Expedition Big 5’, including the Galápagos, the Kimberley, Baja California, Alaska and the Arctic.

Galapagos, Ecuador

Every two months, for the next ten months, the team at Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic will announce one travel advisor winner, with a total of five winners over the ten months.

In addition, travel advisors will be eligible for the grand prize expedition to Antarctica which will be drawn in July 2024. The more advisors sell, the greater their chance of exploring with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic. As a second bonus, travel advisors are encouraged to sign up for Lindblad’s Expedition 360o Training program, complete all six modules, and receive an additional entry.

1. Giant Tortoises – Galápagos aboard National Geographic Endeavour II
2. Crocodile – Kimberley Expedition: Australia’s Wild Northwest
3. Gray Whales – Baja: Among the Great Whales
4. Grizzlies – Exploring Alaska’s Coastal Wilderness
5. Polar Bears – Arctic: Land of the Ice Bears

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