Space Perspective achieves ticket sales milestone

Seats sold leapfrog any other space tourism company

Space Perspective has revealed it has sold more than 1,600 tickets, highlighting that achievement now puts it ahead of the likes of Virgin Galactic and SpaceX, saying in a press release the figure “surpasses the number of seats sold by any other space tourism company”.

The number of sales for world’s first and only carbon-neutral spaceflight company represents US$200 million in sales.

“To put the significance of 1,600 Explorers in perspective, just over 600 individuals have ever flown to space, making Space Perspective’s sales a ground-breaking achievement in expanding humanity’s access to and experience of space, which is core to the company’s vision,” Space Perspective said.

Credit: Space Perspective

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“We’re extremely proud of the momentum and support behind our growing Explorer community as we pursue our mission to open up space to as many people as possible,” said Jane Poynter, Founder and Co-CEO.

“We know that looking down on Earth from the blackness of space will radically shift one’s perception of our planet and our place within it. And this experience has the power to change the world for the better.”

The success of Space Perspective’s ticket sales not only marks a significant milestone for the company, but also showcases the growing interest and demand for space travel experiences, among which the company stands out for its commitment to carbon neutrality.

A flight on Spaceship Neptune costs US$125,000 per person with a starting deposit of US$1,000 to reserve a seat. Coveted first 100 flights start at a US$60,000 deposit with select first 25 flights requiring a full US$125,000 deposit. Commercial flights are slated to begin at the end of 2024, and Space Perspective is already booking into two and three years out.

Space Perspective's gentle space journey solution via Spaceship Neptune spaceballoon

Nearly half of the reservations represent full capsule sales, indicating that Explorers want a shared experience with a curated group of friends, family, and loved ones. While North America remains the largest source of ticket sales, a growing percentage is from international markets, especially in Asia Pacific.

“Our success can be attributed to a multifaceted sales channel approach, including Space Perspective’s expanding relationships with the travel trade distribution, reaching enthusiastic travellers worldwide,” said Edyta Teper, Vice President, Global Sales & Trade.

In November last year, Space Perspective struck a partnership with luxury travel consortia, Signature Travel Network.

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