Virtuoso partners with Australia for first spotlight destination hub

The 'Power of Travel' will be the luxury network's first community consumer website

Uluru | Credit: Tim Davies/Unsplash

Virtuoso has revealed Australia as the first destination partner for a new online hub that will generate new leads for the island nation online.

Helen McCabe-Young, Virtuoso Senior Vice President, Marketing said the goal of the new marketing platform was to amplify the value Virtuoso Advisors provide before, during and after travel, to an increasingly diverse luxury travel segment.

“We’re also optimising our content for digital use. All content on including targeted experiences is available to use for advisor personalised content, accessible through from a private label site,” McCabe-Young said.

Great Barrier Reef | Credit: Chad Taylor

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“More and more advisors are leveraging this content in many creative and practical ways, even in social and text messages to clients. Our content strategy is also expanding to develop consumer engagement around traveller passions.

“The Power of Travel is our first community consumer site creating a contextual shopping experience for high-net-worth travelers looking for positive impact experiences, not only providing another differentiator for our advisors, but also helping us achieve our sustainability mission and soon we will launch other passion points and destination sites with Australia as our first thought my destination.”

Micheal Londregan, SVP of Operations, Virtuoso told LATTE the destination hub is a platform where inspirational information and product information with all the advisor capabilities, so it’s all together and easily accessible in one spot. For example, articles on health and wellness for a particular destination can be sourced, then drilling down to find out about all the relevant product, then to pinpoint the advisors that specialise in that field.

“Australia is first and it’s a good choice because it fits all the categories – it has plenty of information on inspirational articles, there are Aussie Specialist advisors within the Virtuoso network, there is a clear portfolio of product that is Australian, and there are different styles of holidaying in Australia, be it the adventure route, the wellness route, food & wine… so it was a good first choice,” Londregan said.

He said there are about six or seven countries queuing up for it.

“Australia has been the number one aspirational destination out of the US for 30 years, but it’s number 47 on visitation… that’s 46 places that people have just given up on looking because they found it too hard.
The Virtuoso hubs are global and will be pushed out in English-speaking customers.

Fiona Dalton, GM, Virtuoso AU/NZ with Glen Davis, Tourism Australia at the Welcome Reception for Virtuoso 2023

Fiona Dalton, Virtuoso General Manager Australia/NZ said “from a content perspective, we understand there is a power in aggregating our content specific to a particular channel or vertical. And part of that was an opportunity to shine a spotlight on sustainability, hence the launch of the power of travel hub.”

‘We’ve taken the name and running a campaign in-market in Q4 that Zoe [Dean, Virtuoso Director of Marketing AU/NZ) has driven, to build a supplement to the Virtuoso magazine that showcases what our partners are doing regionally. We’re now replicating that idea by destination and our foundation partner in the soon-to-be-launched destination hub,” Dalton said.

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