Silver Nova’s 1,800 piece floating art collection

Pieces from 59 artists from 25 countries take guests on a visual journey

Comprising approximately 1,800 pieces by 59 artists from 25 countries, the art collection of Silver Nova is the largest of any ship in the history of Silversea. Taking guests on a visual journey that sparks curiosity and stimulates their desire for exploration, the art program brings together an international collection of works — most of which were commissioned for specific locations aboard Silver Nova to complement the ship’s many architectural innovations.

“The entire Silversea experience is tailored to the interests and expectations of our curious guests,” said Barbara Muckermann, President of Silversea.

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“Much like our immersive and experience-led voyages – which shine a light on our planet’s most remarkable cultures – our art collection on board Silver Nova was curated by experts to take guests on a visual journey of discovery and self-enrichment. With approximately 1,800 pieces by almost 60 artists to admire, this journey is as spectacular as our newest ship’s pioneering architecture.”

ICArt, an international art consultancy that has specialised in creating unique art experiences for over three decades, curated Silver Nova’s art collection with great thoughtfulness, sourcing over 1,250 framed artworks, 9 installations, 8 sculptures, and more – including intriguing and storied antiques, Murano glass vases, and artistic books.

“Our intention was to create a visual impact that sparks curiosity, both visually and conceptually,” said Mariangela Capuzzo, Chief Creative Officer of ICArt. “Our curatorial direction on Silver Nova shines a light on a new way of sensing, a new way of being, and a new way of discovering. It is about exploring the cultures of the world and exploring destinations.”

Highlights of Silver Nova’s extensive art collection include:

The Messina Collection: 38 Bronze Sculptures

The Messina collection comprises 38 bronze sculptures by famed Italian sculptor Francesco Messina, in the classic 20th century Novecento style. Silversea acquired the collection in 2006 and 14 important pieces have come together for the first time aboard Silver Nova. One of the collection’s most noteworthy sculptures is the 1.37m ‘Scuola di Danza’ — translated as ‘School of Dance’ — which depicts a ballerina who welcomes guests with open arms on deck 2.

Suite Corridors: a Dialogue between past and present

The artistic direction for the suite corridors continues the exploration of history, culture, and nature found throughout the staircases. Photography by long-term Silversea ambassador Steve McCurry in key focal points, alongside a myriad of maps from the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum — considered the first true modern atlas — creates a dialogue between past and present, inviting guests on a journey through time. Each suite corridor, from deck 6 to deck 9, focuses on a distinct geographical region: deck 6, Europe; deck 7, Asia; deck 8, Africa; and deck 9, the Americas.

Otivm℠: Roman-inspired Artistry

Paying testament to Silversea’s Otium wellness program, which enhances the onboard experience for guests, Roman-inspired artworks decorate the Otium Spa and the two Otium suites (five pieces in each suite) aboard Silver Nova. Venus Fragmentée #2, for example – a Romanesque bust in plaster, by artist Marina Mankarios – sits on a plinth at the entrance to the Otium Spa. In Roman culture, Otium — the opposite of negotium, the nonexistence of pleasure — was an indulgent period of time dedicated to leisure, in which people bathed, conversed, theorised, drank, ate, and relaxed.

The Library: a Dreamy look at the sea and sky

In the concealed Library on deck 10, Albanian artist Artur Sula has created an arresting mural on the ceiling, inviting visitors to survey the sea and look deep into the constellations of the night’s sky. The work, covering 280 square feet, was hand-painted in place and highlighted using 24K gold leaf.

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