Expedition spaces, equipment and destinations

What you can do onboard and off a Viking Expedition ship


A Viking expedition is truly a unique way to see some of the most remote and pristine regions on the planet, from the Great Lakes of North America to the wilds of the Arctic and Antarctica – the world’s last truly wild frontier.

A Viking Expedition onboard either Viking Polaris or Viking Octantis is an altogether different style of cruising to Viking Ocean and Viking River voyages your clients may be familiar with. To embark on a Viking Expedition is to embark on a true adventure – in comfort. Accompanied by a highly skilled expedition team of up to 36 experts, every day brings opportunities for discovery coupled with moments of awe.

Innovative Expedition Spaces

Unique custom-designed spaces to enhance your experience

The Aula

Setting a new standard, Viking has created the world’s most advanced venue for learning at sea. The Aula, a stunning panoramic auditorium, was inspired by the University of Oslo’s famed Aula ceremonial hall, which used to be the venue for the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. This unique space features a 4K laser-projected panoramic screen spanning nearly the entire width of the room and is used for lectures, daily briefings, science presentations and films.

Expedition Central

The hub for their expedition teams to consult with guests on their expedition activities and to share their knowledge about destinations on a one-on-one basis. With the aid of 3D printed maps, digital screens and a state-of-the-art spatial data visualisation chart table.

The Hangar

When it’s time for an adventure off-ship, simply head to their ground-breaking internal marina, The Hangar. An industry first, The Hangar brings true comfort to expedition cruising. This enclosed, in-ship marina permits the launch of small excursion craft through the ship’s shell doors. The Hangar’s most innovative feature is the slipway that allows guests to embark on Special Operations Boats (SOB) shielded from wind and waves from a stable surface inside the ship, and once on board, to glide into the water. On return, they’ll enter via The Hangar in the Special Operations Boats before disembarking.

The Science Laborartory

The ships have been designed as working research vessels and are equipped with a well-appointed Science Laboratory. Developed in consultation with Cambridge University and other academic partners, the laboratory supports a range of research activities and is equipped with wet and dry capabilities, a sample-processing area, fume cupboard, freezer/cool storage, comprehensive microscope optics and space for analysis-specific instruments.

Expedition Equipment

Facilitating next-level exploration

  • A Fleet of Military Pro Zodiacs designed for professional use in the harshest of environments, these Zodiac MilPro MK5s are reinforced throughout, yet comfortable enough for a day of exploring.
  • A fleet of 2-seater kayaks with superb stability. These easy-to-operate, Arctic-tested kayaks have a pedal system that lets you glide through the water hands-free, maximising your photo opportunities.
  • Two military-grade, 12-seater convertible Special Operations Boats. These ocean-going Special Operations Boats are built for exploration. A dual water jet system, individually suspended seats and — when converted to a covered boat — the option to sit in an enclosed cabin are all industry-leading features.
  • Two six-seater submarines offered as an optional excursion, these large-capacity Uboat Worx Sub submarines comfortably accommodate 6 guests and a pilot for an incomparable undersea experience. The revolving seats plus nearly 270° spherical windows offer an undistorted view in all directions.

For more information on Viking Expedition cruising, see vikingcruises.com.au/expeditions


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