Aussie advisors aboard Seabourn Pursuit’s maiden Antarctic famil

Luxury advisors experience a full 'Seabourn Moment' expedition

Seabourn has just showcased the splendour of Antarctica to a group of Australian luxury travel specialists on an amazing voyage aboard Seabourn Pursuit. The handpicked advisors (and their plus ones) joined Seabourn’s 11-day Great White Continent Voyage, which returns to Ushuaia later today.

Escorted by Anastasia Kotanidis, Key Account Manager for Seabourn, the voyage encompassed Mikkelsen Harbour where the group spotted Wendell seals, Gentoo and Adelie penguins; Half Moon Island and Chinstrap penguin sightings, Zodiac cruises among icebergs in Cierva Cove and the “penguin highway” on Cuverville Island, located at the entrance of the Errera Channel, surrounded by mountains and glaciers.

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And to highlight the strength of Seabourn’s SpaceX Starlink powered wifi solution (offered to guests sailing onboard), Kotanidis supplied these photos to LATTE exclusively from Antarctica and the Drake Passage!

This particular expedition was also momentous for Seabourn as it was the first time Seabourn Pursuit has reached the Antarctic Circle, 66 degrees south of the equator.

Highlights of the journey included gaining a deeper appreciation of the knowledge, experience and passion of Seabourn’s expedition team who “really make the experience so special,” says Kotanidis.

Seabourn Pursuit itself, the newest of the luxury cruise line’s two purpose-built expedition ships, had famil participants enthralled by its sophisticated and warm interior design.

“The open bridge is fantastic and meeting the captain and officers – they are all happy to demonstrate the capability of the satellite imagery and technology.”

Kotanidis said the group were also impressed by not only Seabourn Pursuit‘s twin submarines but the garage where each of the US$5 million submersibles are stored when not in use. Each of the six-seater battery-powered subs can dive to a depth of 300 metres.

“I’m so excited to have this very ship in the Kimberley in 2024 – our debut season! There is nothing that compares and she will be a game-changer for the destination. Our guests are going to be absolutely awestruck,” she added.

Pictured on the bow of Seabourn Pursuit at 66 degrees south of the equator, from left (back row) are: Tina Duckmanton, Main Beach Travel; Rachelle Matheson, Jigsaw Travel; Adam Crossman, Travel Associates Glenelg and Roland Howlett, Frontier Travel. Front row are: Kelly Gelfand, Tribe Travel & Events; Anastasia Kotanidis, Seabourn; Hayley Serebro, FBI Travel and Michael Nolan, Bayview Travel.

Anastasia in Ushuaia ahead of the voyage with both Seabourn expedition ships.
Anastasia in the sub garage of Seabourn Pursuit
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