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Discerning travellers have a love affair with Japan that is showing no signs of waning, says leading luxury tour operator JANESCO Travel.

JANESCO Travel stands out as a premier agency in Australia for travel agents seeking unique experiences in Japan for several compelling reasons.

Boasting an extensive network of local connections and insider knowledge within Japan, their team has fostered deep relationships with local guides, accommodations, and off-the-beaten-path attractions, allowing them to curate truly unique and exclusive tours.

This access to hidden gems ensures that travellers experience Japan in a way that goes beyond the typical tourist trail. Yet, it’s JANESCO’s dedication to customisation that sets them apart.

They prioritise their clients’ preferences and interests, tailoring each itinerary to meet and exceed expectations – whether it be culinary adventures, cultural immersions, or niche experiences like traditional artisan workshops to immerse travellers into every aspect of Japanese life.

From kaiseki (banquet) dining, introduction to Geisha, landscape parks and gardens, Zen temples and their stone gardens, the Golden Pavilion and temple districts in Kyoto, and visits to isolated villages along the historic Nakasendo post trail with meticulous planning and seamless execution of every tour.

Uncover off-the-beaten-path attractions

Partnering with JANESCO

Most agents will have some knowledge of Japan but are probably unable to build a tour from scratch with Japanese suppliers for hotels, transport, attractions and activities. Agents are often looking for someone who can do it all for them, a one-stop shop.

JANESCO understands that a travel agent is looking for a quick turnaround and a no-nonsense booking experience when buying from a tour wholesaler. History with agents such as Virtuoso, Magellan, HelloWorld, and independent travel consultants, coupled with decades of hands-on experience in designing and running tours plus insights into traditional and emerging attractions for experienced travellers, means JANESCO certainly knows travel in Japan.

Experiences Japan with a true expert planner

Three decades of tour wholesaler expertise

With more than 35 years in the travel industry, JANESCO founder Satoko Franks extensive knowledge and deep understanding of Japan bridges the gap between the Australian and Japanese cultures. She started the business in 2006 to give Australians a true insight into her culture, history and food – and having lived in Australia for many years, she knows what the discerning traveller is looking for. 

There has been an increasing interest in Japanese culture, history and art over the last 20 years [with a] growing interest in authentic experiences, sleeping Japanese-style in country inns and bathing in public onsens,” says Franks. “This has continued to captivate the Australian traveller.” 

Founder Satoko Frank

Franks says the most significant changes she’s seen in the past few decades has been in accommodation. But she says whether you want to stay in a traditional ryokan or a five-star hotel, the experience will be equally memorable when dealing with an agent who has long-standing supplier relationships.

Culinary adventures can be personalised


For travel agents seeking exclusive experiences in Japan, JANESCO Travel consistently delivers exceptional tailored itineraries. Franks and her team pride themselves on the perfect execution with a tour style that is relaxed, indulgent, flexible, and personable to create signature and bespoke small group or FIT tours without compromising on quality or service.

“Japan has continued to be a safe, clean and interesting destination which is particularly attractive to luxury travellers. A tour can help you navigate not only the countryside but also the inscrutable Japanese culture,” says Franks. 

The JANESCO team is available round-the-clock, so both travellers and travel agents have immediate assistance when needed. This high level of service adds peace of mind, fostering trust and loyalty – and guarantees an unforgettable adventure in Japan for your clients. 

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