Kamalaya elevates Wellness with advanced diagnostics

Functional Health Analysis aims to empower guests

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary on the shores of Koh Samui has unveiled an array of cutting-edge diagnostic and functional assessment services.

“Through our expanded diagnostics and functional assessment offerings, we aim to empower our guests with comprehensive tools and data to deepen their understanding of health and vitality, fostering a proactive approach to preventive care and longevity,” said Karina Stewart, Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Kamalaya. “These innovative offerings, created in partnership with industry leaders, significantly enrich Kamalaya’s commitment to providing personalised journeys to lifelong wellness.”

Blood Biomarkers Interpretation System

Kamalaya’s advanced interpretation of blood biomarkers provides guests with insights into key physiological indicators, metabolic functions and disease risk factors. By unravelling the intricate web of blood biomarkers, guests gain an expanded understanding of their body’s internal landscape, facilitating the development of customised wellness plans tailored to individual needs and the ability to track their progress over time.

This nuanced approach to wellness assists guests in proactively managing and continuously monitoring their health, optimising metabolic function and minimising disease risks, contributing to sustained wellbeing and longevity.

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Natural Killer Cells Test & Treatment

Kamalaya offers comprehensive testing and treatment services to evaluate and enhance natural killer cell function—the body’s frontline defence against pathogens, viruses and cancer cells. This advanced assessment offers guests in-depth insights into their immune function and equips them with unique treatment strategies to bolster immune health and overall wellbeing including the health of their telomeres. By addressing immune vitality at a cellular level, Kamalaya enables guests to cultivate resilience and vitality, forming an essential pillar of comprehensive wellness.

High-Sensitivity Preventive Cancer Screening

The high-sensitivity preventive cancer screening is a crucial step in proactive wellness management. By leveraging advanced technologies, screening offers guests the opportunity to detect potential signs of cancer at an early stage, providing the foundation for prevention and intervention strategies. With a focus on proactive health management, this service contributes to a comprehensive wellness approach, allowing Kamalaya’s guests to take control of their health and wellbeing while benefitting from nuanced, individualised care.

Heavy Metal Toxicity & Trace Elements Test

As part of its commitment to vibrant health, Kamalaya introduces comprehensive test for heavy metal toxicity and trace elements. Trace elements are critical components of the body’s biochemical balance. This test sheds light on potential environmental toxic exposures and imbalances in essential trace elements, enabling guests to take proactive steps toward detoxification and rebalancing. By addressing these foundational elements of wellness, Kamalaya helps guests achieve a state of optimal health and vitality, providing a well-rounded approach to wellbeing and disease prevention.

Functional Health Assessments

Guests at Kamalaya can embark on a transformative journey with comprehensive functional health assessments in partnership with Paar London before their arrival on Koh Samui or during their stay. By analysing the DNA profile, epigenetics and microbiome, these assessments provide insights into genetic predispositions, nutrient metabolism and lifestyle factors, allowing for the creation of strategies tailored to individual genetic and biological markers. This advanced approach to wellness empowers guests to optimise their health, prevent potential health challenges and get on a path toward longevity by aligning lifestyle choices with their unique genetic framework.

Kamalaya aims to empower individuals to proactively manage their health, cultivate longevity and achieve holistic lifelong wellbeing. These advanced diagnostics and functional health analysis are available for guests to embrace a transformative wellness journey tailored to their unique needs and aspirations, and they further solidify Kamalaya’s position as a leading destination for personalised, integrative wellness.

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