LTC is the ‘Next Generation of the Luxury Travel Industry’

Galloway flags more news brands for the Luxury Travel Collection

Two-hundred luxury travel advisors from around Australia and New Zealand aligned with The Luxury Travel Collection are now laser-focused on being the “next generation of luxury travel” and capitalising on the burgeoning more youthful, HNW customer.

This morning on the Gold Coast in her opening presentation as part of the Luxury Product Showcase, Danielle Galloway, Global Managing Director of the Luxury Leisure Division FCTG honed in on the opportunity that lies in wait for members of the continually expanding company.

This weekend’s Luxury Product Showcase is the 10th anniversary for the event, which in its last nine iterations has been positioned wholly under the Travel Associates luxury retail brand of FCTG. As LATTE revealed recently, the show now comes under the umbrella of the Luxury Travel Collection, encompassing the new LTC Portfolio Members and luxury specialists within the Independent network (ie. independent contractors).

Sixty travel partners of the LTC are also at The Langham Gold Coast, here to showcase their products to frontline travel advisors from each state around the country.

Sliding door take-over at The Langham Gold Coast's Conference Centre this weekend

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In her introduction, Galloway defined how the Luxury Travel Collection would stand out in the crowded luxury industry, admitting there are “a lot of players in this space”.

“This room is the next generation of the luxury travel industry,” Galloway said confidently.

“We know there is a new luxury customer. We know that there’s new luxury products on the shelves, and importantly, we know that there is a next generation of luxury in the industry and we want to lead that.

“We want to be the next generation of luxury travel.”

She said that will be achieved by the LTC’s positioning, incorporating the “gorgeous” Travel Associates brand, as well as “the other luxury brands within the Global Luxury House”, being Scott Dunn, Emma Whiting Travel & Cruise, Bicton Travel, Claremont Cruise & Travel Centre, Destination HQ, Travel Experts, Dream Maker Travel and Home Travel Company.

“[There is] so much experience in one room,” Galloway said.

LTC’s strategy is focused on six core areas: networking and collaboration, market positioning, innovations & trends, influence & advocacy, customer experience enhancements and addressing challenges.

“We are stronger together, 100%, and we want to be ahead of the mark in terms of luxury. We want to address challenges together. We want to be at the forefront of public change in terms of luxury travel, and we will be stronger as a group together,” she rallied.

To be the so-called next generation of travel, Galloway said the business needs to evolve, pinpointing three primary focal points.

“The ‘New Travel Advisor’ is not just a planner but an architect of dreams, a curator of experiences and guardian of unforgettable journeys.”

Secondly, Galloway told advisors it would be crucial to make the “Luxury Client” the heart of their business, meaning being selective. “Making sure that we are discerning and we are choosing the right luxury customer for our business, our brand and our personal brand.”

And thirdly, it was vital to have true partnerships with suppliers, based on “mutual respect, unwavering commitment and incredible product.”

Danielle Galloway during her presentation at the opening of the Luxury Product Showcase on the Gold Coast.

More brands to come

During her presentation, Galloway reiterated that more brands would enter the Luxury House “over the next couple of days”, weeks and months ahead as the brand continues to expand.

That includes new brands into the Luxury Travel Collection Member Portfolio, she hinted.

The travel leader explained to the assembled advisors the inspiration for FCTG’s Luxury House of Travel has been inspired by LVMH (Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton) and its 75 Maisons. Read about that here in detail in LATTE‘s recent coverage of the official launch of the Luxury Travel Collection.

“What [LVMH] has managed to achieve is one global powerhouse by uniting on all the things that are important to position themselves as the luxury leader. And that, team, is what our pathway is all about.”

“What’s on the radar?”

Galloway said as the Luxury Travel House grows “it is important to have to be the right brands and they need to be hand-selected into our collection.”

That includes new luxury brand partnerships with like-minded organisations and “leading brands that are lacking a travel partner in their worlds”.

“They have fantastic loyalty and reward programs, but all of them are missing travel as part of it.”

She said discussions with those organisations and brands have been “really easy” to fire up. The focus on this space includes more manpower in terms of an expanded team under Anna Burgdorf, Brand and Marketing Director, Luxury Travel Collection.

“With that team, we are going to lead high-net-worth customers through to your businesses,” Galloway said.

From left: The Luxury Travel Collections' Nikki Glading, Rachel Kingswell, Danielle Galloway, Shannon Fogarty and Anna Burgdorf at the 2024 Luxury Product Showcase this morning.

She also revealed the Luxury Travel Collection’s digital transformation is gaining pace after being under development for the past 12-18 months behind the scenes.

“At the moment we have around 300,000 customers within our database, plus those of the additional partners here today, and what we plan to do is double that for all of your businesses by the entry point of this new digital ecosystem.”

“What this space,” Galloways says, adding “it will probably be the biggest disruptor that we will see that will ensure that all of our businesses are ahead of the game, and making sure that we are winning that new HNW customer.”

There’s also a new Luxury University in the works within the Luxury Travel Collection, which she says will “ensure we are at the forefront of our learning and development.” Plus, expect there to be more luxury events within the Global luxury travel house.

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