Luxury Travel Collection unveils ‘Galeries de Luxe’

Doors open for B2B luxury department store offering a seamless booking experience

Anna Burgdorf, Brand and Marketing Director , Luxury Travel Collection, FCTG

Flight Centre Travel Group’s Luxury Travel Collection (LTC) opened the figurative doors last Friday to a new B2B “luxury travel department store” concept designed to create a seamless booking experience for travel advisors.

Branded as ‘Galeries de Luxe’, the platform comprises seven travel pillars: hotels, cruises, experiences, rail, private, air and touring.

Anna Burgdorf, Brand and Marketing Director, LTC explained the new concept to travel advisors at the Luxury Product Showcase on the Gold Coast. Burgdorf told the assembled 200 luxury travel specialists from Travel Associates, LTC’s Member Portfolio and FCTG’s Independent network that Galeries de Luxe emulates “world-famous department stores”.

“What resonates with the Luxury Travel Collection is that the department store delivers a part retail, part entertainment experience that consistently re-engages the consumer time and time again, with seasonal products and displays that are new and different to keep clients coming back,” Burgdorf explained.

From left: Shannon Fogarty, Global Product Director - Luxury Brands and Anna Burgdorf, Brand and Marketing Director, LTC, with a model.

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Galeries de Luxe is stencilled on French department store Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche [which happens to be a Maison of LVMH, the ultra-luxury company LTC aspires to recreate in travel], the oldest continuously running luxury department store in the world, Burgdorf explained.

The principle of the concept is to offer a curated collection of luxury products, “retailed by luxury experts… a one-stop-shop… putting everything under one roof. Simple and easy.”

“Designed to assist the luxury client shop through the advisor – full of luxury labels, curated and bespoke, unrivalled experiences, high-end providers – because that’s the client we are servicing,” Burgdorf said.

The seven pillars within Galeries de Luxe are branded as Hotels de Luxe, Cruise de Luxe, Experiences de Luxe, Le Train de Luxe, Prive de Luxe, Avion de Luxe and Grand Tour de Luxe.

Each pillar consists of a suite of travel and cruise partners who will provide the Luxury Travel Collection with an exclusive privilege or benefit, only accessible by being a member of Galeries de Luxe. Those aligned travel partners will either be high-end or offer high-end experiences.

“We have access to the entire FCTG product suite but this is specifically luxury, it’s the best of the best, with an additional exclusivity to the client,” Burgdorf told LATTE.

Shannon Fogarty, Global Product Director – Luxury Brands with FCTG’s Luxury Travel Collection, explained that within Experience de Luxe that may encompass behind-the-scenes, walking tours, VIP, private and exclusive experiences that create “magical touches” to a client’s itinerary.

“A private tour on a game drive, a romantic honeymoon in India with a personal breakfast in front of the Taj Mahal,” Fogarty used as examples.

Or for Hotels de Luxe, it may be personalised touches such as chef-prepared tasting plates. For Le Rail de Luxe it may be a gourmet meal or a mixology class in the restaurant aboard an iconic rail journey, or visiting a zen garden and watching sumo wrestling in Tokyo with a partner of Grand Tour de Luxe. Within Avion de Luxe, air travel could span not only Business, First and Suite classes but also private jets, with clients able to skip queues with priority check-in, lounge entry and more.

“The opportunity is absolutely endless to curate incredible itineraries for your clients,” Burgdorf added.

A captivated audience of luxury travel advisors at LTC's 2024 Luxury Product Showcase on the Gold Coast.

Speaking exclusively with LATTE, Burgdorf said that while Galeries de Luxe has been released as a B2B product shopfront, it has been created capable of being B2C should the need eventuate in the future.

“Right now, it is a way of articulating to all our member brands there is a beautifully executed shelf of products,” she said.

Danielle Galloway, Global Managing Director of the Luxury Leisure Division FCTG told LATTE that LTC will “wait to see for the future if the concept is stretchable to the consumer.”

“The luxury consumer is at the centrepoint of the decisions we are making and everything to do with the Luxury Travel Collection meshes with the product house. If it is an experience that the luxury consumer wants, that’s what will be picked,” Galloway said.

From left: Luxury Travel Collection's Anna Burgdorf, Danielle Galloway and Rachel Kingswell chat exclusively with LATTE.

Rachel Kingswell, Director of LTC Independent Portfolio and General Manager, Travel Associates AU/NZ told LATTE Galeries de Luxe “is the inspiration of the product which helps the advisor,” while the curation remains the responsibility of the frontline seller.

Kingswell said the pre-arranged inclusions offered with suppliers are far more than an “amenity” that may be offered through the likes of consortia or other group buying specialists.

“Galeries de Luxe will offer an ideally suited experience that’s ready to go. We’ll give the advisor the confidence to walk into the department store and pick this and that off the shelf, then arrange it for a seamless experience.”

“Galeries will support and enable the luxury travel advisor to curate a package quickly,” Kingswell said, telling LATTE the extra inclusion builds on Travel Associates’ one-of-a-kind offering in the hotel and cruise space and the luxury retail brand’s Signature itineraries.

“We are elevating what has already existed, but broadening it and making it capable of further growth,” she added.

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