‘Singularity’ and ‘Idolons’ – new words in Serandipians’ vocab

New concepts to be adopted at the 2024 Essence of Luxury Travel

Serandipians, the luxury travel group that rebranded from Traveller Made in 2021, are not shy when it comes to experimenting with new words and concepts.

Quentin Desurmont, Founder and CEO of the international luxury travel-designer network decided to tackle topics different to anybody else in the industry, for the network’s flagship conference at The Essence of Luxury travel show.

“I chose not to ask our Hospitality Partners or Member Agencies to speak at our Conference, as I feel our industry has a lot to learn from the luxury goods industries, who have managed to create tremendous desirability for their products, but most importantly for their brands”, says Desurmont.

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Therefore, together with a reputed Parisian fashion-industry trends observatory, he has identified trends that are translated for the travel industry in the “Creative Peak” and presented at The Essence Conference. After “Utopia” in 2020, “Coloressence” in 2021, “Meta Desire” in 2022, and “Luxification” in 2023, this year’s trend, to be revealed in Marbella, is “Singularity”.

The network has embraced this trend already and renamed their annual awards as “Idolons”, which in Ancient Greek literature means “idol, image”.

These “Oscars” of the travel industry will be given at the “Idolons Gala” on the first evening of The Essence to the best-in-class of the network.

Eight member Travel Designers and 11 Partner Suppliers will receive an Idolon, based on nominations and votes from within the network only – Members voting for Partners and vice versa. The uniqueness of the “Idolons” is that they are awarded to people, not to brands or companies, a feature that is central to Serandipians.

“Luxury travel is a people’s business, that is built around trust and mastery of design, craft and relationships among all the actors of this trade. We owe a lot to the people in our community, and we wish to reward them above all”, concludes Desurmont, who will be handing out the “Idolons” on 18 March at The Gala in Marbella, Spain.

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