NEOM unveils new luxury resort with 450m sky pool

Lagoon destination Treyam will feature the longest infinity edge rooftop pool around

NEOM‘s ambitious leaders have unveiled yet another future resort for northwest Saudi Arabia, with the latest project looking like it may have been influenced by Asgardians.

Treyam is billed as a premier resort “where the desert landscape meets the sea”, strategically positioned across the opening of “one of the most beautiful, azure lagoons at the southern end of the Gulf of Aqaba”. This project features bridge-like architecture – not overly dissimilar to the Rainbow Bifrost Bridge which features in Marvel’s Thor movie catalogue with Chris Hemsworth  – that connects the northern and southern shores, hosting a 250-room luxury resort, branded as the Lagoon Bridge Hotel.

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“Boasting an audacious design with minimal land intervention, Treyam offers guests an elevated haven in which to unwind, re-energise and enjoy majestic natural surroundings,” NEOM says.

“Treyam stands as a luxury gateway inviting guests to experiment with active lifestyles.”

“The innovative façade of the bridge creates a sunset-like illusion from a distance. Its upper and lower floors offer panoramic views of the tidal lagoon below and vast skies above, merging into the landscape whilst maintaining the natural integrity of the shoreline.”

The visual splendor of Treyam extends further, with a 450-metre-long rooftop infinity pool.

“From this elevated vantage point 36 metres above the sea, guests are treated to an awe-inspiring experience, seemingly floating, with a breathtaking panoramic view of the lagoon, the vibrant corals and the tranquil, uninterrupted waters extending to the horizon.

Treyam boasts a variety of exhilarating pursuits, such as sailing, diving and other water sports, along a range of exciting land-based activities. Guests will also enjoy extensive technology-enhanced health and wellness offerings and fitness amenities, alongside luxury spa treatments accompanied by a selection of epicurean cuisines and fine dining options.

Like most of the other projects revealed by NEOM, an opening timeline has not been foreshadowed for Treyam.

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  1. Paul says

    Some of the NEOM projects are quite impressive but surely this is just building something for the sake of it and hoping people will want to see the longest swimming pool in the world on the edge of a desert in 40+ degree heat? I mean, it’s all pointless and exactly the opposite of where the tourism industry should be going.

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