New members in waiting to join Luxury Travel Collection

Membership to swell to around 20 by the end of next financial year

Rachel Kingswell, James Kavanagh and Danielle Galloway.

Luxury Travel Collection is the newest branch on the Flight Centre Travel Group tree. Officially launched in Australia in February 2024, the handpicked portfolio of members is designed to cater to the luxury and ultra-luxury traveller within the high-net-worth consumer segment.

Currently comprised of eight members: Bicton Travel, Claremont Travel and Cruise, Destination HQ, Dream Maker Travel, Emma Whiting Travel and Cruise, Travel Experts and Home Travel Company; LTC plans to grow the family within the next three months, with further growth predicted by mid-2025.

Nikki Glading, General Manager of the LTC Independent Member Portfolio spoke to LATTE about the upcoming developments, revealing a handful of new members will be joining the business at the start of the next financial year.

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“We have five new members joining us from 1 July 2024 which will bring us up to 13 in total.”

“Our growth will be considered rather than slow, as we’re very much focused on the quality of members and not the quantity, but by the end of next financial year you will see us sitting comfortably around 20 member agencies across Australia,” says Glading.

Justine Sealey, Ramsgate Travel Services with Nikki Glading, GM Luxury Travel Collection Member Portfolio.

“We are positioned as the next generation of luxury travel,” says Danielle Galloway, Global Managing Director for Luxury Leisure at Flight Centre Travel Group, echoing sentiments shared earlier this year at the Luxury Travel Showcase on the Gold Coast in February.

“We have the foundation set up, and now it’s all about bringing our core components to life for both our existing members, and those members in the pipeline.”

Luxury Travel Collection’s current strategy is focused on six core areas: networking and collaboration, market positioning, innovations and trends; influence and advocacy; customer experience enhancements; and addressing challenges. It’s a concept designed to fill a gap in both the domestic and international travel market at the luxury level.

Founding members of Luxury Travel Collection with Nikki Glading.
Founding members of Luxury Travel Collection with Nikki Glading.

“We’re filling a gap in the market. There’s no one else doing what we’re doing,” says Rachel Kingswell, General Manager, Travel Associates.

“We’ve had a member reach out to us from a travel expo in Africa, to say the international market is crying out for LTC,” says Glading.

In a clear demonstration of market responsiveness, in February Luxury Travel Collection launched Galeries de Luxe, a B2B department store-style concept designed to create a seamless booking experience for travel advisors, comprised of seven pillars: Hotels de Luxe, Cruise de Luxe, Experiences de Luxe, Le Train de Luxe, Prive de Luxe, Avion de Luxe and Grand Tour de Luxe.

“The luxury client is at the centre of our B2B strategy that enables us to deliver the right product and the right solutions to our members, so they can then offer that elevated service and that elevated product to their valued clients,” said Anna Burgdorf, Brand and Marketing Director, Luxury Travel Collection.

Lead image: Rachel Kingswell, James Kavanagh, Global CEO of Leisure Travel and MD, Australia/NZ and Danielle Galloway.

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