Roy Merricks taking the next step with ATIA

MTA Co-Founder departs Board, joins ATAS Advisory Committee

The Australian Travel Industry Association (ATIA) today announced Roy Merricks is taking his next step with the organisation, joining the ATAS Advisory Committee and moving on from the Board after two years of dedicated service.

As a pioneer of and advocate for the mobile home-based agency model in Australia, Merricks will continue to work closely with ATIA in a new capacity, by reviewing and leading the continued development of ATAS through his appointment to the ATAS Advisory Committee.

His extensive experience and deep industry knowledge will further enhance the accreditation scheme and support the continuous improvement of travel standards in Australia.

Merricks joined the ATIA Board in August 2022 and will step down after this month’s AGM.

Roy and Karen Merricks, Managing Director and Co-Founders of MTA - Mobile Travel Agents

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“My decision to join the ATAS Advisory Committee means I will continue to advocate for the mobile home-based network segment of the travel industry, which is the fastest growing segment in travel, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the ATAS accreditation scheme to benefit our entire industry,” Merricks said.

“I’m proud of my role in working closely with my fellow Directors over the last two years to set the new direction of ATIA. It’s now my pleasure to focus on ATAS and to continue volunteering my time to give back to the travel industry in a meaningful way when it has given both myself and Karen so much.”

“While the way I contribute to ATIA is changing, my commitment to a strong, united voice for the travel industry remains the same.”

Tom Manwaring, ATIA Chair said: “We are grateful that Roy chose to join the Board at a crucial time in our organisation’s history.”

“Roy’s firsthand knowledge of retail travel and the mobile or home-based segment will continue to be a great asset to the ATAS Advisory Committee, thanks to his long-held belief in the value of the rigorous ATAS accreditation scheme for consumers and the wider Australian travel industry.”

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