New COMO Journeys in the Himalayas, Tuscany, Bali and more

A range of new retreats have been released for the second half of 2024

Uma Pool Residence, COMO Bali

COMO Hotels and Resorts has unveiled new COMO Journeys for the remainder of 2024. These exclusive retreats and events hosted in extraordinary locations offer guests the unique opportunity to learn new skills or enhance existing ones under the guidance of renowned professionals across diverse fields.

Highlights include photography retreats, intimate conversations with fashion curators, and wellness residencies designed to guide guests on their journey towards better health.

COMO Conversation: V&A ‘Naomi: In Fashion (2 – 4 July 2024)

COMO The Halkin – London, England

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Stay at COMO The Halkin and gain exclusive insights into the Victoria and Albert Museum’s new exhibition, ‘NAOMI: In Fashion’, celebrating Naomi Campbell’s extraordinary career. The stay package includes daily breakfast, two exhibition tickets, an exhibition book, and access to a COMO Conversation with the exhibition’s curator, Sonnet Stanfill. On 3 July, join Sonnet Stanfill for an intimate session offering unique perspectives on Campbell’s extensive haute couture and ready-to-wear wardrobe from key moments in her career.


Space Camp with a NASA astronaut (5 – 17 August)

COMO Maalifushi & COMO Cocoa Island – The Maldives from 5 – 15 August at COMO Maalifushi, join NASA astronaut and aquanaut Nicole Stott and space advisor Christina Korp on a galactic quest. Inspiring for children and adults alike, this experience offers learning about outer space through art, food and movement. From 16 – 17 August, Nicole Stott moves over to COMO Cocoa Island where guests can enjoy a guided reef dive, hear tales of astronaut training, and dine on a specially curated menu beneath the stars.


Boxing in Bali (22 – 27 October 2024)

COMO Uma Canggu – Bali, Indonesia

Push yourself beyond your physical and mental limits by joining professional boxers Darren Barker and Ryan Pickard for a week of immersive boxing training. Learn the foundations of the sport—strength, speed, agility, coordination, endurance, nerve, and power—while enhancing your overall fitness with HIIT, ocean swimming, and yoga. Fuel your body with nutritious meals from COMO Shambhala Cuisine and recover each day with beach access and world-class service at COMO Uma Canggu.


A Himalayan Photography Retreat with Michael Turek (28 October – 9 November 2024)

COMO Uma Paro – Bhutan

Embark on an extraordinary 11-day journey with world-renowned photographer Michael Turek. He will guide you through Bhutan’s spectacular natural wonders and unique heritage. From the gravity-defying Tiger’s Nest Monastery to the temple of the Divine Madman, immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this ethereal Himalayan kingdom, capturing every remarkable moment on film under Turek’s expert guidance.


Yoga Retreat in Tuscany with the Curry Sisters (3 – 9 November 2024)

COMO Castello Del Nero – Tuscany, Italy

This Wellness Journey features twice-daily yoga sessions with Andrea and Christina Curry, international leaders in yoga, complemented by meals at Pavilion. After the morning class, immerse yourself in estate experiences such as truffle-hunting or enjoy a spa treatment at the COMO Shambhala Retreat before returning for a late afternoon yoga session. Stay in the hotel’s elegant rooms and suites, overlooking the groves and vineyards, either with a partner or on your own.

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