Slow travel remains on trend, reports Scott Dunn

Four-fifths of Brits want to take a holiday this year centred around R&R

Andean Explorer, A Belmond Train

Ultra-luxury travel retail network Scott Dunn has reported a significant trend in holidaymakers planning a ‘slow travel’ experience this year. According to the firm, an incredible 81% of the 2,000 Brits surveyed in the study want to properly unwind, relax and leave daily stresses behind. Their main holiday intention being to slow down and switch off.

Scott Dunn highlighted that UK Google searches for information on ‘slow travel trips’ has surged by 61% in the past three months alone. Meanwhile on TikTok, there have been a whopping 16.3+ million posts mentioning the ‘slow travel’ trend.

The company, which is headquartered in London and part of Flight Centre Travel Group’s Luxury Travel Collection, also highlighted that searches for ‘slowcation hotel’ and ‘slow life’ on Pinterest in 2024 have risen 70% and 60% respectively.

The ultimate slow traveller

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And how exactly do Brits intend to relax on a holiday? Scott Dunn’s survey garnered a list of the Top 10 ‘must-do’s’, which included:

  1. Eating & drinking out (half those polled said this helps them relax on holiday)
  2. Reading (42%)
  3. Sunbathing (33%)
  4. Spending time in nature (31%)
  5. Excursions (30%)
  6. Socialising with loved ones (29%)
  7. Doing nothing (28%)
  8. Listening to music or podcast (24%)
  9. Catching up on sleep (19%)
  10. Watching TV or films (16%)

The survey also investigated how holidaymakers best ‘switch off’ when on holidays, including avoiding social media or work emails. The study found it took an average of three days to ‘unwind’ on holiday, on average, with more than half (57%) admitting they would find it difficult to go on holiday without a smartphone. Half of those surveyed said they wouldn’t last 24hours without checking their social media.

Additionally, over a third (35%) said they can’t go 24 hours without checking their work emails. Women were slightly more inclined to view their work emails (at 28%) than men (26%).

GoldLeaf carriage on the Rocky Mountaineer

Rail travel experiences were recommended as ways to best slow down and switch off while on holiday, with journeys’ including Belmond’s Andean Explorer and Eastern & Oriental Express suggested, along with an itinerary through the Canadian Rocky mountains that includes the Rocky Mountaineer.

“From our study we can see that a busy holiday, with lots of activities planned in are less popular right now. Instead, having ample time to unwind and embrace local culture at a relaxed pace, is the aim of the game for most in summer 2024,” Scott Dunn said.

More on Scott Dunn’s study here.

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