Explora Journeys taps Franck for Anthology lead

Italian cuisine at its finest curated by Chef Franck Garanger, Head of Culinary

Explora Journeys has revealed a new Italian concept for Anthology, the signature fine-dining experience offered aboard EXPLORA I and soon, EXPLORA II.

Since EXPLORA I‘s debut nearly 12 months ago, Anthology has been spearheaded by guest chefs from around the world, including Chef Claude Le Tohic, a Chef-Partner of O’ by Claude Le Tohic in San Francisco, from March to June 2024.

The next chapter for Anthology reflects a permanent change to the concept under Chef Franck Garanger, Head of Culinary at Explora Journeys, to a “gastronomic adventure through the diverse and rich landscapes of Italian cuisine”.

Explora Journeys` Head of Culinary, Franck Garanger

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Garanger said, “Anthology is more than just a restaurant; it’s a voyage through Italy’s gastronomic landscape.”

“For me, Italian cuisine is about respecting the people, the ingredients, and the traditions that have been passed down through generations. It’s about sharing the soul of Italy, one dish at a time.

“This will be a culinary reflection of the rich tapestry of the sights, scents and flavours of Italian cuisine, which I am deeply passionate about.”

Curated by Franck Garanger, Anthology showcases refined Italian cuisine, taking guests on a unique culinary journey and offering a truly memorable gastronomic experience.

Garanger discovered his passion for cooking at an early age. He commenced his career as an apprentice at the Michelin Star restaurant, Le Vert D’ Eau in Angers with French Master Chef Jean-François Piers. Prior to joining Explora Journeys, he worked at numerous world-renowned restaurants alongside some of the most notable culinary names including Paul Bocuse, Alain Passard and Thierry Marx. Furthermore, Garanger spent more than a decade for luxury ocean travel brands in leading culinary positions.

Precision in the kitchen, Head of Culinary, Franck Garanger

Each dish on the menu is a celebration of Italy’s finest regional ingredients and flavours, masterfully crafted to highlight the cultural brilliance and culinary heritage of the Mediterranean. The restaurant tells the story of Italy’s culinary brilliance through a creative expression of culture, heritage, and passion. The menu is an ingenious display of creativity – a vibrant tapestry of regional flavours and authentic ingredients. Highlights include Mediterranean seabass with Arabica coffee and tonka bean and scallop cannelloni with black truffe. Plant-based options are available for each course.

Dishes and delectable flavours of Piedmont’s truffle-rich countryside in the North to the famed specialties of Italy’s South will be on show. Each plate celebrates the local produce and time-honoured techniques of every region in Italy.

Set in contemporary, refined elegance, Anthology offers an intimate yet elevated dining atmosphere with the opportunity to dine outdoors overlooking the azure-blue waters of the Western and Eastern Mediterranean. The dining experience is complemented by impeccable, attentive service, ensuring every guest feels truly special.

Dining at Anthology is truly a one-of-a-kind experience enabling discovery and enrichment, setting a new standard for luxury travel dining. Other prior guest chefs have included Chef Emma Bengtsson and Aquavit NYC and Michelin-starred Chef Mauro Uliassi.

The Anthology tasting menu is available at EUR 140 per person. View Chef Franck’s new menu within this article, here.

An optional wine pairing at EUR 60 per person.

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