New lounge brand launches as Hong Kong Int’l Airport

Kyra Lounge is a new three way joint venture, located at Terminal 1 HKIA

Kyra Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), a groundbreaking venture by Airport Dimensions, SSP, and Travel Food Services (TFS), had opened this month. The partners are excited to join forces to combine their considerable expertise in this market to deliver this brand new product to HKIA. The Kyra Lounge brand promises to redefine airport hospitality, offering a luxurious and tranquil retreat for travellers passing through Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport.

Strategically located off Terminal 1’s central concourse by Gate 23, Kyra Lounge spans 744 square meters and accommodates over 150 guests. It provides a serene oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of this hub airport, designed to help travellers relax and recharge. The ample natural light and thoughtfully crafted interiors align guests with nature’s rhythms, ensuring a calming pre-flight experience.

Kyra is a new-to-market brand developed by strategic partners Airport Dimensions, SSP and Travel Food Services, to combine their expertise in shaping market-leading airport hospitality across the APAC region and beyond. HKIA continues to see a significant increase in passengers, making it the ideal location to debut Kyra Lounge to meet ever-growing market demand.

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Kyra Lounge will be included as part of the Priority Pass network, the original and market-leading airport experiences programme, as well as LoungeKey network. The lounge is also available to all Hong Kong International Airport travellers looking for a complete hospitality experience through the purchase of entry online or at the lounge.

Each area of the lounge, from the vibrant bar to the tranquil relaxation zone, is designed to offer a variety of energy levels to suit all guests. The colour scheme, from warm beiges through to dark greens, captures the ephemeral beauty of sunrise to sunset.

Central to the lounge’s design are three elemental forces – Crepuscular Rays, Waves, and Fireplace – which create a multi-sensory experience. Dynamic lighting replicates sunlight breaking through clouds, a wave-like ceiling feature evokes the ocean’s movement, and a central fireplace invites comfort and relaxation. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer panoramic views of aircraft and mountains, blending indoor tranquility with outdoor beauty.

A premium food and beverage proposition is a vital component of Kyra lounge experience. The menu, crafted with the extensive market knowledge and capabilities of SSP, a leading operator of food and beverage outlets in travel locations and TFS delivers a range of local and international food and beverage options.

From comforting classic Chinese congee and delicious Cantonese dim sum like BBQ Char Sui buns, to iconic Hong Kong street food favourites like Fish Siu Mai and Traditional Curry Fishballs, there are Eastern flavours to suit every discerning palate. There are also a host of Western-inspired dishes, like a hearty baked macaroni cheese, or a light couscous salad.

The well-stocked bar offers a full range of premium beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks to cater to all tastes. There are also a whole host of delicious cocktails and mocktails designed specifically for Kyra. Guests can sample alcohol-based creations such as the “Fragrant Harbour” which translates to the name of the city “Hong Kong”. The cocktail is inspired by Hong Kong’s landscape and rich history as a trading port – evoked by a harmonious blend of floral, fruity and botanical flavours.

For those who prefer an alcohol-free offering, there are delicious concoctions such as the “Kowloon Sunrise”, with housemade fiery ginger syrup at the centre with citrus and herbaceous undertones.

The lounge caters to diverse traveller needs with dedicated relaxation areas and productivity zones, including a sound-proof booth. Guests can enjoy meals in an expansive dining area and the statement central bar made from reclaimed typhoon-damaged wood not only adds regional character but also embodies the principles of resilience and sustainability that are evidenced in many other aspects of the design.

The way in which the Kyra Lounge has been developed exemplifies a strong commitment to sustainability, integrating eco-conscious practices and materials throughout both design and operation. Solar fins have been installed on the windows to help regulate temperature within the lounge, reducing the need for air conditioning and energy consumption. Additionally, the lounge features an innovative daylight harvesting system. This “open-loop” lighting control adjusts artificial light intensity based on the availability of natural light, leading to significant energy savings and enhancing guest comfort.

Further enhancing its sustainability credentials, Kyra Lounge incorporates regionally manufactured furniture, reducing the carbon footprint of long-distance transportation.

Errol McGlothan, President, EMEA & APAC at Airport Dimensions says: “We are delighted to have united the expertise of three industry-leading businesses to deliver the debut of the Kyra brand, calibrated to be the perfect next step in our existing partnership with Hong Kong International Airport.”

“Building on the success of Chase Sapphire Lounge by The Club at HKIA, Kyra is the perfect addition to our ever-growing portfolio in APAC and is another world-leading lounge solution to help meet the diverse needs of travellers in this busy market.”

“We believe that time spent at an airport should be more than just a necessary step in getting to your destination; it should be a relaxing and enriching part of your journey. From the unique design philosophy, we have employed in its creation through to the carefully considered menu of local cuisine on offer, we are confident that the addition of Kyra will enhance the airport experience for travellers at HKIA’’.

Jonathan Robinson, CEO, SSP Asia Pacific says: “The opening of the Kyra Lounge at HKIA represents a stride forward in SSP’s growth in the Asia Pacific market as we increase our lounge offer in the region.”

“A deep understanding of the needs of travelling customers, and the ability to provide customised F&B options that meet these, lie at the heart of SSP. By adding the complementary expertise of both Airport Dimensions and TFS, we are elevating the customer experience to new heights for lounge visitors here in Hong Kong. Our relationship with HKIA has already spanned more than 20 years, and we are pleased to be strengthening our existing range of restaurants, bars, and cafes within its prestigious terminals with this new addition.”

Varun Kapur, Executive Director, Travel Food Services says: ‘’At TFS we strive to provide the highest quality lounge experience for our guests based on certain core principles that transform how travellers perceive their journey. This ambition has underpinned our success, and we’re proud to say we’ve been at the forefront of driving developments that define the food & beverage and lounge experiences of travellers in the region.”

“The joint venture brings together three leading businesses, each with unique strengths in crafting experiences designed to delight travellers, who will combine their market-leading knowledge and capabilities to deliver an unrivalled lounge experience with Kyra at HKIA,” Kapur added.

Kyra Lounge marks the first three-way joint venture between Airport Dimensions, SSP and TFS.

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