Your insiders guide to the Austria Hotel Collection: Timeless classics in Vienna, alpine luxury, close to nature, hotels with history and more
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Wednesday 18
September 2019
LATTE Luxury News Volume 390
Presenting the Austria Hotel Collection
The Austria Hotel Collection includes Austria’s oldest hotel and the latest in modern luxury. Your clients can choose from a curated group of premier hotels that offer a uniquely Austrian travel experience and exemplify the best in Austrian hospitality.
What is the Austria Hotel Collection?
Timeless classics in Vienna
Austria's imperial capital has it all. Grand deluxe, stylish boutique and family-run hotels with flair. Here are some of the options available in Vienna through the Austria Hotel Collection.
Alpine luxury
Exquisite Alpine hospitality with fabulous scenery, these members of the Austria Hotel Collection show off their Alpine DNA, combining the key elements that make a relaxing retreat in the Alps.
Close to nature
For travellers keen to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature, look no further than the Austria Hotel Collections’s Trattlerhof and Romantik Hotel Im Weissen Rössl.
Design hotels in Austria
'Stylish and sophisticated': a description that not only personifies Austria but can be used to define the country’s splendid range of boutique accommodation.
Andaz, Altstadt, arthotel and more
Hotels with history in Austria
Austria has no shortage of bespoke accommodation with a fabled history.
If your client is looking for a hotel that exudes character and charm, look no further than these options.
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Top hotels in Salzburg
Salzburg is a picture-perfect escape full of churches, castles and palaces as well as a unique Old Town that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are the best stays in this fairytale city.
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A guide to Austria's best hotel restaurants
Guests staying at Austria Hotel Collection properties don’t need to leave the confines of their luxury hotel to enjoy a gastronomic dining experience, with many featuring acclaimed eateries and fine-dining restaurants within their shared walls.
From two-hatted restaurants to moules frites in Vienna
Austria Hotel Collection – Mountain Spas
Tirol not only offers great hotels in Innsbruck, it also surprises with great off-the-beaten-path spa hotels.
What you need to know about AQUA DOME and Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol
10 questions with... Astrid Mulholland-Licht, ANTO
Why should travel advisors have Austria and the Austria Hotel Collection front-of-mind when planning their clients’ travel plans to Europe? LATTE chats with Astrid Mulholland-Licht, the Director in Australia for the Austrian National Tourist Office, to discover what it is that lures travellers to the landlocked European country and to learn more about the expanding Austria Hotel Collection portfolio.
Astrid's suggested week-long Austria itinerary includes...
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